Summer Camp 2023

Welcome to our exciting summer camp designed specifically for children with autism! Our camp offers a wide range of activities tailored to meet the unique needs of children on the autism spectrum.

Engaging in activities that promote reading and writing, we strive to enhance communication and literacy skills in a supportive environment. Our program also focuses on developing fine motor skills through fun and interactive exercises.

We understand the importance of school readiness for children with autism, which is why we provide specialized activities to prepare them for academic success. Our dedicated staff utilizes evidence-based strategies to ensure individualized support and promote a positive learning experience.

In addition, our camp includes arts and crafts sessions that encourage self-expression and creativity, allowing children to explore their imagination in a structured and inclusive setting.

With an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) classroom as part of our camp, we offer a specialized environment where children can receive targeted interventions and behavioral support.

Join us this summer for a camp that caters to the specific needs of children with autism. Register now and provide your child with a memorable and enriching summer experience!


event location

3465 Sheppard Ave. East, Scarborough, ON M1T3K5

event Date & Time

July 1, 2023
09:00 - 18:00


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